IntegraGen Genomics is highly experienced with whole genome sequencing of any species combining a full range of library preparation methods, Illumina's HiSeq 4000 sequencing technology, and custom bioinformatics analysis.

Why Choose IntegraGen Genomics for your Whole Genome Sequencing Needs?

  • We have the expertise to work with a full panel of library prep methods:
    • Paired-end libraries
    • Mate-pair libraries
    • PCR-free libraries
    • Small quantity
    • Fragmentation or tagmentation protocols
  • We have high-throughput capacity with the latest sequencing platform from Illumina – HiSeq 4000

Technical guarantees

  • Robust quality control process for samples
  • QC at each critical steps of library preparation
  • Guaranteed sequence quantity and quality

Integragen genomics whole genome sequencing

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis

  • Custom bioinformatics analysis
  • GeCo LogoWe also offer access to leading experts in the field of biostatistics and bioanalytics to develop personalized tertiary statistical analyses of genomic data via our GeCo Advanced Genomic Consulting Service.