IntegraGen Genomics offers commercial and customized gene panels for your specific gene targeting needs, enabling deep sequencing and the identification of low frequency genetic variants. We can help you to design the ideal targeted gene panel sequencing approach for your project helping you to save both time and money.

Our Experience

  • Our lab has processed thousands of samples since 2010
  • We have experience working with world renowned researchers across a large variety of fields of genomics research including:
    • Rare genetic diseases
    • Complex diseases
    • Oncology
  • Expertise with various target enrichment techniques
  • Numerous customer publications based on results from research projects

We have a robust quality control (QC) system incorporated into each critical step of the sequencing process and a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program for our laboratory protocols and analysis of sequencing data.

How we add Value

  • Experts at gene panel design
  • Availability of either commercial or customized panels
  • Customized panels via capture or multiplex PCR
  • Commercial panels include all Agilent’s and Illumina’s solutions and kits.
  • Available throughput from 10’s to 100’s of samples as a result of automation via advanced laboratory robotics
  • Expert insight and assistance with results handling and data interpretation

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We also offer access to leading experts in the field of biostatistics and bioanalytics to develop personalized tertiary statistical analyses of genomic data via our GeCo Advanced Genomic Consulting Service..


Technical guarantees

  • Minimum guaranteed sequencing depth always in line with projects objectives
  • Robust quality control process for samples


Bioinformatics and Data Analysis

  • Specific bioinformatics pipeline to address Mendelian genetic diseases, somatic cancer analyses, or case-controlled studies
  • Access to SIRIUS, our proprietary online software tool which assists with variant selection and samples comparison
  • Advanced data analysis via our GeCo Service
    • Mutational signatures and chromosomal aberrations
    • Signaling pathways analysis