High-throughput sequencing is now being utilized to personalize cancer treatment. Leverage your center’s clinical expertise to become the standard for personalized medicine in treatment cancer patients. IntegraGen Genomics’ clinical sequencing solution allows you to focus your expertise in clinical interpretation of patient results in order to make informed treatment decision.

Incorporating genome-wide sequencing into an oncology clinical research program necessitates expertise in operating the latest sequencing technologies and the ability to obtain and manage accurate data. Since there is a critical time frame for obtaining a tumor sample and processing sequencing data in order to support the clinical decision making process, the challenge for institutions is to establish a reproducible process that permits routine exome and transcriptome sequencing in a timely manner. Critical needs include:

  • Rapid turnaround time from receipt of the samples to sequence full analysis
  • Easy and secure access to analyzed data allowing rapid review by biologists and clinicians

Our Experience

High throughput sequencing 2

IntegraGen Genomic has worked with leading academic institutions to set up high-throughput sequencing platforms. We have operated Gustave Roussy’s platform, the largest cancer center in Europe, since 2014 delivering timely exome and RNA sequencing data in support of the center’s oncology clinical research program.

We also have the know how and experience to establish operational processes that increase the flexibility of your sequencing platform while also optimizing the operational costs.

Our expertise

IntegraGen Genomics is able to set-up and establish a fully-integrated high-throughput sequencing solution at your center within a few months. Our solution includes:

  • Establishment of optimized laboratory protocols
  • Management of lab operations
  • Human resources to operate the lab
  • Operation of lab within strict quality standards required for clinical research
  • Cutting-edge proprietary bioinformatics pipelines for both WES and RNASeq, ensuring high sensitivity for variants detection
  • LIMS and customized user interface via our proprietary MERCURY software

Through the use of powerful sequencing technologies, IntegraGen Genomics is able to help clinicians identify mutations in tumor samples from patients and assist oncologists to evaluate the potential benefits of individualized treatment approaches for cancer.


Professor Eric Solary, Director of Research at Gustave Roussy, comments 
on his institution’s experience with IntegraGen Genomics