SIRIUS is an online BigData solution developed by IntegraGen that assists researchers to quickly and intuitively analyze exome data for Mendelian and oncology applications.

Users can easily manage their projects thanks to Sirius’ unique interface. Sirius enable user to filter variants via a single click, annotate them and save all analysis parameters. With this tool, researchers can easily and quickly manage projects and save their data in a safe manner.


  •  Unlimited samples
  •  Manage your projects: creation, merging, modification
  •  Access to externals data bases
  •  Comparison between families or between individuals inside the same project or with a previous project
  •  Several user can access simultaneously from a shared space


  •  Filtered and annotated variants with just one click
  •  Rapid management of your projects


  •  Easy access to your technical reports 
  •  Your analysis parameters are saved


  •  A unique interface for all your projects